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Introduction - Welcome to Messenger

Messenger is an Internet instant e-mail messaging program. By using modern technology, Messenger provides you with an efficient, secure, and easy way to send and receive messages.

You Control Your Incoming Messages
Not only does PortalsXpress Messenger achieve instant messaging, it is contact permissions-based. That means that you can decide who may contact you. By granting or denying permissions you can control your incoming messages and can prevent undesirable, unwanted, and/or offensive e-mail messages from ever reaching your inbox. Setting or editing your permissions is conveniently accomplished with just a click or two in the Manage Contacts screen of the PortalsXpress website

Never be Bothered by Spam Mail Again
Let PortalsXpress Messenger filter out that unsolicited e-mail. Permissions-based e-mail contact management cannot be circumvented. Either the sender has permission to send e-mail to you or they do not. Additionally, if someone you thought would send you quality content starts sending you undesirable material, you can simply deny them permission to send you anything.

e-Mail Integration
PortalsXpress Messenger can act as your instant messaging application or as your centralized electronic messaging application. In other words, along with allowing you to send instant messages to individual members, you can also use it to send and receive e-mail. Think of the benefit, PortalsXpress is at work filtering out those unwanted e-mails before they even reach your inbox.

Real Time Status Information
No need to guess if someone is in a meeting, that information is available at your fingertips. PortalsXpress Messenger provides you with updated status information for everyone on your In/Out list.

Notification Options that Work for You
PortalsXpress Messenger has various message notification options.

More Efficient Use of Your Resources
Every undesirable e-mail message that ends up in your inbox wastes bandwidth. Have you ever had to wait a long time for your e-mail program to check for incoming messages, only to find that those messages you waited for weren't even of interest to you? Let PortalsXpress help you stop wasting valuable bandwidth.

PortalsXpress Messenger is a trademark of PortalsXpress, Inc.