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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Portals Express?
PortalsXpress, also known as Portals Express, is a company based in Colorado that provides secure client portals and portal customization services for business.
How do portals work with my website?
Your clients can login via your website using a Secure Login box. We provide sample HTML code that you can insert into your home page.. You can also use our software to send the client an email that includes a link to their secure login. Once authenticated, they have private access to files and services provided by your portal.
Can I use portals even if I don't have a website?
Yes. You can use our built-in email tool to send clients an email that includes a link to the secure login screen for portal access.
Are portals privacy compliant for transferring confidential files?
Yes. Privacy regulations require that files containing personally identifiable information sent electronically use encryption. PortalsXpress uses up to 256-bit SSL encryption technology between your virtual office account and the client's browser to protect sensitive information.
How do I set up each portal?
Simply use the New tool to add a contact to your list. Each client in your contact list has a portal. Insert folders and files into the Private Client Site folder and the contact has secure remote access to their information with just an Internet browser.
How do I assign user names and passwords?
There's no need for you to manage user names and passwords. Just add a client or vendor to your contact list, send an email using our email tool, and our system will automatically prompt the user to create the password for their portal. But if you'd rather manage passwords for your clients, we can do that too.
Do my clients need to install software to use their portals?
No. Your clients only need a browser and Internet access to use their secure portals.
Is each portal private?
Absolutely. Unlike FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server solutions, each portal is private. Once a user has been authenticated with their user name (e.g., email address) and password, they have secure access to only the information you provide.
Can I share files or folders between portals?
Yes. Use our Copy as Shared tool to share folders and files between contacts in the Private Client Site folder. This is a great productivity tool that allows you to insert files into one folder and all shared portals have access to the same contents.
Are your servers protected from physical and remote access?
Our servers are hosted by a SAS 70 Type II audited data center that includes locked server cabinets, video surveillance, and badge with PIN code authentication. Only authorized personnel may access servers. Servers may be accessed by only authorized personnel. Strict security protocols are enforced and all access is audit logged. State-of-the-art firewalls, security authentication, and protocols prevent unauthorized server access. Random security audits are conducted to ensure adherence to protocols.
Can you make the portal look like my website?
Yes. We can customize the entire portal experience to have the look and feel of your website. From basic custom branding that's included in our Basic Portals, to your entire website being hosted securely through our Enterprise Server, we are here to meet your needs.
Can you build a custom portal for my business?
Yes - we do custom contract work all the time! We want to meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and will enjoy working with you to build a custom portal just for you. Working with our customers is what makes this fun!
Why is PortalsXpress a better portal choice for my business?
You can be up and running with any of our ready-to-use portal solutions in about 5 minutes. Because we build on top of our virtual office software that's designed to automate business processes, we can also build a custom portal solution with more features at a fraction of the cost that you'll find with other portal service providers.
How long has PortalsXpress been around?
Originally titled "iKE Office", and then "The ShareVantage", we have been commercially available and serving customers since March, 2003. We've made many improvements over the years, and continue to add new features and performance upgrades - mostly based on feedback from our customers. We recently released version 9.0, and we strive to make sure every change we make improves our software - not just change it!