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About PortalsXpress

At PortalsXpress, we care deeply about your document sharing and workflow experience. Security is our top priority, and we are excited about how our software can help you work.

PortalsXpress is located here in the USA, with operations out of our Loveland, Colorado branch and data storage at our SSAE16 secured facility in Denver, Colorado. We are a small company, and we value the relationship we have with each of our customers.

The PortalsXpress story starts about 10 years ago, with technology developed for secure document sharing and managing business processes for CPA professionals. We used this technology in-house to develop our products; because of this, the software has a deep feature set.

In January of 2011, former employees and contractors banded together to purchase the technology behind PortalsXpress. We worked hard to make the transition seamless for our customers. Now, we are a strong and growing company with a diverse user base. We are rolling out a number of long-awaited software capabilities, such as enterprise server, secure website hosting, enhanced email integration, and more.

So how do I get started? You can setup your account and start sharing documents securely in five minutes or less. Just click Try It Now!

Here's some information in PDF format you're welcome to download, print and share:

PortalsXpress Flyer

PortalsXpress Trifold Brochure