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XpressForms Plugin

Automate current business documents with easy-to-use secure web-forms
LIVE interactive web-forms allow sales teams to assist customers
Collaborate and fill out forms without meeting software
Secure digital signatures with signature tracking
Data can be integrated with your current CRM
Data converts back to original document for future reference
Changes and/or corrections can be made after initial submission
Add onto any PortalsXpress package


The XpressForms Plugin will revolutionize how your business collects applications and fills out forms. Eliminate common data entry errors such as partial phone numbers and blank fields before they even enter your system. Invite your clients to fill out their form and work with them to get it done right. Form revisions are a breeze; you can restart the process from any form page, using already enterred data. Your customers will not believe how easy it is to complete these forms!



Simplify your client's experience when filling out your company's forms. Your current forms are turned into web-based forms, meaning your clients will fill out all the questions online in a simple, easy-to-use secure web-form. After your clients complete the web-form, their data is instantly converted to your original document format for them to review and e-sign with our XpressSign features!

All data entered into XpressForms and copies of completed forms are stored for as long as you want in your PortalsXpress account for access at any time. XpressForms can be used to extend your current CRM, saving time and potential human error.

But wait... there's more!! XpressForms allows you to see your client filling out their web-forms completely LIVE! And vice-versa! Imagine how helpful this will be when a client is having issues on how to answer certain questions or needs that extra bit of guidance. It's also incredibly useful when a new client calls in inquiring about services. You're able to walk them through the application process while they watch what you're typing, or while you watch as they're typing, or both! No more waiting for clients to fill out documents and spending time, money on follow-up letter and phone calls to remind them to send in their documents.

Do you have a potential client on the phone for a loan application? If so, you can send them a link to their application with a click of a button. Your client clicks on the link in the text message they receive.

The XpressSign feature allows your clients to sign document securely after completing the form and reviewing the document. Clients can sign their name in any way they desire, even adding special characters. When a signature is submitted, IP and location information are captured from the signee's computer for future reference.

XpressForms allows changes and corrections to documents even after initial submission. There is no need to start over with new forms or create new client credentials like other solutions require.