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Enterprise Server Add-on

Host your portal with your domain name
Seamlessly transition between your portal and website
Support Green Security Bar (EV-SSL Certification)
Keep your color scheme and navigation consistent
Support secure data forms with customization
Add onto any PortalsXpress package
Included in Platinum package

Price: $50/month



Everything about the portal looks like your website... right down to the url! You need a portal. You want a portal. Now you're worried that people won't think it's really part of your company unless it has your url. Here comes the Enterprise Server! This not only has the same look and feel of your website, it includes Secure Web Hosting, so it is really YOUR website! Beam me up, Scotty — it's the Enterprise!



Get a seamless portal experience with Enterprise Server. We host your portal with your domain name, making it possible to move seamlessly between your website and your portal.

The portal is branded with your colors, brand name, and your web-page navigation. So when your website visitors login to their portal they never leave your domain. In addition to standard SSL certificates, we also support EV-SSL which provides an added level of security for your portal users.

Need custom forms with document sharing? No problem with our built-in workflow features. PortalsXpress can provide custom upload forms that keep documents secure and provide notification when new documents are available. Many uses are possible:

  • Provide a secure way for prospective employees to submit resumes
  • Provide a secure upload for subcontractor W-9 and documentation
  • Get feedback from your web users securely