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XpressLedger Plugin

Account statements and balance notifications
Online billing with integrated payments
Text message payment reminders
Accounts receivable and invoicing
Track receipts & invoices with each accounting entry


Allow the XpressLedger Plugin to simplify and streamline your accounts receivables and accounts management. Customers or clients can view their online statements securely inside their secure portal. Electronic payment options can be configured to support AutoPay using ACH, EFT and/or credit card payment processing. Robust, customizable reports allow generation of real-time reports across single accounts or many accounts in aggregate. This plugin becomes powerful when combined with the CRM features included in the Contacts Plugin and the form generation features in XpressForms.



XpressLedger offers full accounts receivable capabilities. Track accounts receivables with real-time invoicing, allowing your customers or clients to access changes immediately. Reduce your printing, collating, and mailing costs with online billing. Add notes and even attach supporting documents or receipts to each line item.

For walk-in customers, create ad-hoc invoices for immediate presentation. Support AutoPay with optional ACH, EFT or or credit card processing. Annotate accounts and provide supporting documents for each transaction.

The individual portal accounting is ideal for attorneys and CPAs to track retainer balances and exchange documents with their clients and/or colleagues. Send your client a 'Low Retainer Balance' email when their retainer balance hits below a set amount, or an email notifying them when a fee is collected or disbursed.

Allow clients to access their documents and balances online, at any time, by logging into their own secure portal.

Billing and invoicing is simple, with easy to use functions. No need to over-complicate things and go through multiple steps to make an entry. Send account statements monthly, quarterly, yearly, or as needed using the Email Blaster feature. Statements are stored in the client's Document Center for as long as you want them there.

Your clients can schedule automated payments directly from their bank account, both one-time payments or repeating (i.e., weekly, monthly, annually, etc.)