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Secure Web Hosting Add-on

Host your website SECURELY with PortalsXpress!
Easily add, edit or remove pages & images
Publish your website changes with a single click
Preview your website changes to check your changes
Add onto any PortalsXpress package
Included in Gold and Platinum packages

Price: $10/month



Looking for somewhere to host your website that you can trust? Worried about hackers being able to edit your website as easily as you can? Look no further! With PortalsXpress, you can host your website using our security-certified platform. Editing pages is as simple as double-clicking the page, making the changes, saving & clicking "Publish". If you want to check your changes before making them live, you can Preview your website before publishing. Manage your HTML pages, images, movies & slideshows, audio clips, downloadable files & documents, or anything else you want to host on your website. And be confident that you're the only one that can make changes to your website!



Once you've added PortalsXpress Secure Web Hosting to your portal, you'll have a folder named "Websites" with a sub-folder whose name matches your domain name (i.e., "www.yourwebsite.com"). Any files you add to this folder then become part of your website. All file types are supported (i.e., .html, .png, .gif, .jpg, .css, .js, .pdf, .doc, .mp4, etc.) When you're ready to publish your website, click the "Publish" button that's located conveniently right above the list of website files. Or if you prefer to check your changes before making them live, click the "Preview" button first. Then you can review your changes by visiting your "preview" website (i.e., "preview.www.yourwebsite.com") using whichever web browser you prefer.

All of the document tracking features included throughout your portal are also available when you're editing your website. So you know who changed what and when. You can also add another level of security to your website by applying padlocks, which lets you control who within your organization can edit all or certain parts of your website.

It's surprising how many website hosting providers don't take security seriously. Although most providers require you to login before you can edit your website, many don't require (or even offer) an encrypted connection when you're logging in. This makes it easy for hackers to intercept your credentials. And once a hacker has your username and password, they can edit your website just as easily as you can. If you're serious about security — both to protect your organization's image as well as keeping your client's information safe — you need a secure web hosting solution!