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Board Packets for iPad Pricing

Board Packets customers have different needs and therefore, will have different pricing structures to accommodate those needs. We look forward to discussing your specific requirements.
For details, please call 855-PORT-XPS (855.767.8977) ext. 1
A few guidelines about our pricing policies:
  • Our basic package includes two (2) board administrators. A board administrator is the person(s) in charge of board packet preparation, disbursement, etc.
  • Our price structure is based on “seats”, not necessarily “board members”.
  • Seats can include anyone from board members, staff, attorneys, advisors, etc. Anyone who you wish to receive the board packets you generate would constitute a “seat”.
  • Your BoardPacket will be unique to your company. We will incorporate the look and feel of your website into your BoardPacket for a consistent visual presence.
  • Security is our #1 priority. We store your data securely in our SSAE-16 security audited data center, which is specifically designed to comply with the same standards of security and reliability needed by financial institutions.

Give us a call today and let’s develop a solution for you and your company!
Thank you for considering Board Packets by PortalsXpress.