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Security and Reliability


With PortalsXpress, data security is our primary focus. We cover security at each step of the process, from when you place the document on your portal to when your client gets the document using our secure website.

We store your data securely in our SSAE-16 security audited data center, which is specifically designed to comply with the same standards of security and reliability needed by financial institutions. Features of this site include

  • Uninterruptible power and generator backed power
  • Local security and technical staff on-site
  • Constant video surveillance
  • Remote security monitoring
  • Multi-level security and disaster recovery planning
  • Entry protected via id, badge, and keycode with multiple checkpoints
  • Locked and secured server cages

PortalsXpress manages its own servers, storage and backups, removing the worry associated with cloud sites and third party managed server sites, where it is hard to understand the possible security risks. PortalsXpress uses a proprietary object oriented database to maintain your data, which provides a focused security model. We do the following to make sure your data is safe:

  • Full and incremental backups are performed nightly
  • All off-site backups are encrypted using a 2,048 bit encryption key
  • Encryption keys are stored separately from off-site backups
  • Backups are stored off-site

All portals are secure and independent from other client portals so you can be assured that clients will only see the documents you share.

Unlike other solutions, you never need to send a password to your client. Our one-time invitation process allows your clients to set their own password on the portal. Compare this process to other sites that "hide the key under the mat" by sending a link that anyone could use to view documents on their encrypted website.

We never send a password or a link without requiring a login. We have a specially designed process to add new contacts:

  • Select your new contact
  • Push a button to make a portal invitation - we handle the details
  • Customize the message if you would like
  • If this is the first time, your client sets a password
  • On subsequent visits, your client uses their password

Additional security levels are available for specific needs, including heavy full database encryption (see our Enterprise Server packages for more details), personally-issued security keys, dedicated servers, automated inactivity lock-outs, and more.