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Workflow Plugin

Keep track of tasks and projects like a pro!
Keep track of your tasks and sub-projects
Use our notes feature to document key decisions
Store documents with their associated projects
Keep track of important events with timers
Keep time estimates and hours spent
Use task dependencies to show only active tasks
Apply task template features for repeated tasks

Single-user price: $8/month

Volume discounts on multi-user pricing; see pricing for details


Our Workflow Plugin was developed and refined over 10 years. We use all of the workflow features to develop and release our PortalsXpress software. It's the most refined project management tool we've ever used; an indispensable tool for keeping all related files, project notes, reminders, designs, and performance results organized!



It is important to make sure your organization keeps on task and key information is transferred at the right times. Our Workflow Plugin gives you the flexibility to support everything from sales processes, to engineering design, to software development, all under the same platform.

Ever need to share tasks with folks outside your organization? With this solution, you can share tasks and documents by inviting others to view their task inbox online. Additional features allow you to keep files and documents separate by task and by client, making sure you don't transfer information between clients.

Our sub-project template features allow you to automate frequent tasks, such as logs for call centers, repeated technical tasks, or maintenance activities so you can focus on the expertise you have developed. Use templates to maintain your best practices and retain information for future tasks.

Each sub-task and sub-project retain both the original estimated hours and all hours logged during completion. Compare during and after the project to help understand productivity and areas of improvement.

Ever need to know why a key decision was made, or whether additional enhancements were planned? Ever need to find documents related to a project after it was closed? Closed projects and related documents are stored until you choose to delete them.