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Manager Plugin

Manage your team and balance workload!
Know who's doing what, when, and why
Balance workload using Drag-n-Drop features
Assign tasks to workgroups
View workflow and expected hours across your staff
Gather & review performance data in real-time

Single-user price: $12/month

Volume discounts on multi-user pricing; see pricing for details


Stay ahead of your project tasks for your entire organization with the Manager Plugin. Look across multiple sub-projects to determine utilization, current task status, and even dive down into the details using our task notes and related documents features.



It is important to stay ahead of the curve when dealing with complex projects and many staff. Augment your current workflow with the ability to quickly transfer tasks between your members and balance the estimated work remaining.

The manager Plugin allows you to look across your entire organization. Use our group inbox feature to assign whole sets of tasks to your workgroups, which they may claim as they finish tasks. Or, assign and balance workload between team members using Drag-n-Drop features. Either way, your team members stay focused on the subset of tasks currently assigned.