Document Manager User's Guide

spacer image imageWelcome to DocumentManager
spacer image imageAbout PortalsXpress
imageGetting Started
spacer image imageAdding a New File
spacer image imageDocument Check-Out
spacer image imageApplication Integration
imageDocumentManager Interface
spacer image imageDocumentManager Display
spacer image imageCut, Copy, Paste, Copy as Shared
spacer image imageSorting Items
spacer image imageNavigation
spacer image imageTree Control
spacer image imageShortcut Keys
imageUsing DocumentManager
spacer image imageOrganizing Files
spacer image imageData File Templates
spacer image imagePrinting to DocumentManager
spacer image imageScanning to DocumentManager
spacer image imagePost-Scan Editor for Scanned Documents
spacer image imageUndo/Redo Commands
spacer image imageDocument Indexing
imageDocument Check-Out
spacer image imageNow Checked Out
spacer image imageWorking with Documents Offline
spacer image imageAuto Check-Out
spacer image imageOverview of Padlocks
spacer image imageApplying, Editing, and Removing Padlocks
spacer image imageEstablishing Padlock Permissions
spacer image imageSecurity
spacer image imageAccess Log
spacer image imageManage Users
spacer image imageSystem Requirements
spacer image imageInstalling PortalsXpress
spacer image imageUninstalling PortalsXpress
spacer image imageCreating a Password
spacer image imageChange your Password
spacer image imageSubscribe Now
spacer image imageGet More Storage
spacer image imageEnabling Document Indexing
imagePortalsXpress Integration
spacer image imageMessenger
spacer image imageContactManager
spacer image imageWorkflowManager
imageUsing Help
spacer image imageCustomer Service
spacer image imageContext Sensitive Help
spacer image imageUser Guides
imageGlossary of Terms

Introduction - Welcome to DocumentManager

DocumentManager allows you to easily manage and share files online. It provides remote access to current files and allows you to exchange large files that email cannot. Security features help protect documents from unauthorized access and document search allows you to locate information fast.


  • Eliminates document revision control problems
  • Prevents unauthorized access to files
  • Reduces storage space and costs
  • Helps you quickly locate files
  • Allows you to securely download files to your computer
  • Provides an automatic "check-out" which controls document access
  • Allows you to "check-in" your documents when you are finished editing them.
  • Allows you to apply padlocks to protect your files from unauthorized access.
PortalsXpress DocumentManager is a trademark of PortalsXpress.