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Using WorkflowManager - Related Contacts

General Information
A contact is an individual, department, or group either internal or external to your company. For example, a client, a staff member, or an outside consultant. The contact for a delivery (action) is the person that will receive the message, while the Primary contact for a project is the person for whom the work is being performed.

Contacts Folder
Each project or template has a Contacts folder. This folder is permanent and cannot be deleted. The Contacts folder always consists of, at a minimum, the following folders:

  • Assigned To folder - This folder automatically tracks the information from task assignment. No related contact assignment is necessary or allowed in this screen for this folder.
  • Manager folder - This folder tracks the manager of each project based upon the workforce information in ResourceManager. No related contact assignment is necessary or allowed in this screen for this folder.
  • Originator folder - This folder automatically tracks the project originator based upon the computer log-in settings. No related contact assignment is necessary or allowed in this screen for this folder.
  • Primary folder - This folder tracks the information for the primary. Assignment of a Primary contact is optional. The Primary contact of a project is the individual for whom the work is being performed or for whom the project is created. Not all projects or templates require assignment of a Primary contact. While the Primary contact of a 1041 tax return project is your individual client, there may be no need to assign a Primary contact to a department-wide safety awareness project. Most likely any project that you do for a client or any project that is created for a member of your workforce should be assigned a Primary contact. A project can have no more than one Primary contact established for it.
  • Assigner folder - This folder tracks the information when the task is assigned. No related contact assignment is necessary or allowed in this screen for this folder.
  • The Primary contact is automatically assigned for any project that is started through the contact's digital file in ContactManager. In WorkflowManager, assignment of a Primary makes the associated project become part of the Primary's digital file. If a project is started in WorkflowManager and no Primary contact is assigned, the project resides in a default digital file (behind the scenes).

These four folders are a required part of a project's digital file and cannot be removed. Of these four folders the Assigned To, Manager, Originator and Assigner folders do not allow new contacts to be added as these are automatically known by PortalsXpress.

To add a new contacts folder do the following:
  • From the Documents/Related Items screen, click to select the Contacts folder.
  • Click the "New Related Contact" toolbar icon and assign a name to the new folder.
  • The new contact folder is displayed on the list and can be assigned a contact.

To add a related contact do the following:
  • From the Documents/Related Items screen, either double-click the Contacts folder or click on the plus sign to the left of the Contact folder.
  • Click to select the desired Contacts folder (for example "Primary") then click on the "Insert Related Contact" toolbar icon.
  • In the "Select Contact" screen, select the contact individual and click the OK button to return to the Related Items screen. Alternatively, you can double-click to add the contact.

A couple of scenarios using related contacts.
Assume that numerous members of your workforce are on a special committee to design a sculpture garden behind the corporate office. You may consider creating a contacts folder labeled "Sculpture Garden Team". Then add each member of the team as a related contact for that folder. To add more than one contact, press the Control key and click to select the multiple individuals in the "Select Contact" screen. The Sculpture Garden Team contact can then be established as a related contact for a workflow project for the sculpture garden process. You could create a task with a delivery action and by using the Sculpture Garden Team as a related contact each member of the team automatically receives the communication at the prescribed time.

In another scenario, assume that your office uses a 1040 Tax Return Preparation template for tax prep work. At the template level the Primary contact would not be assigned so that the template can be used over and over for each 1040 client. However, at the project level, your 1040 client would be assigned as the Primary contact. For example, when selecting the 1040 Tax Return Preparation template for Ted Taxpayer, Ted is assigned as the Primary contact. This assignment is then displayed in the Documents/Related Items screen. This acts to identify the client for the tax return prep and places the 1040 tax return project in Ted Taxpayer's digital file.

To accomplish the assignment of Ted Taxpayer as the Primary contact either start the workflow project from ContactManager (the Primary is automatically assigned) or during template design, create a task with an action to assign the Primary contact.