Workflow Manager Users Guide

spacer image imageWelcome to WorkflowManager
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imageGetting Started
spacer image imageProjects, Tasks, and Templates
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spacer image imageSuggestions for Creating a Project Template
imageWorkflow Interface
spacer image imageWorkflowManager Display
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spacer image imageRecording Time Spent Screen
spacer image imageDifference Between Time Sheet and Time Slip
spacer image imageTime Sheet
spacer image imageTime Slip
spacer image imageRelated Items
spacer image imageRelated Contacts
spacer image imageSaving or Adding Related Items
spacer image imageRelated Forms
spacer image imageOverview of Padlocks
spacer image imageApplying, Editing, and Removing Padlocks
spacer image imageEstablishing Padlock Permissions
imageAction Scheduler
spacer image imageAction Scheduler Screen
spacer image imageAction Selector Screen
spacer image imageDelivery as an Action
spacer image imageStart Project as an Action
spacer image imageOpen File or Application as an Action
spacer image imageSelect Contact as an Action
spacer image imagePrint Digital Item for Contact
spacer image imageClose Task or Project as an Action
spacer image imageTransfer Task as an Action
imageTask Scheduler
spacer image imageOverview of Tasks
spacer image imageInbox Screen
spacer image imageGroup Inbox Screen
spacer image imageClaim a Task
spacer image imageTask List Icons
spacer image imageTask Status
spacer image imageAdd New Task
spacer image imageAdd Dependent Task
spacer image imageAdd Task Reminder
spacer image imageTask Assignment
spacer image imageView Task Status
spacer image imageView Task Details
spacer image imageUpdate Status/Transfer Task Screen
spacer image imageRecord Task Time
spacer image imageClose a Task
spacer image imageForward a Task
spacer image imageReply to a Task
spacer image imageSuspend a Task
spacer image imageModify a Task
spacer image imageOverview of Workflow Projects
spacer image imageProjects Screen in WorkflowManager
spacer image imageStart Project Screen
spacer image imageStarting a Project
spacer image imageStarting a Sub-Project
spacer image imageSchedule Project Start Time
spacer image imageView Project Details
spacer image imageRecord Project Time
spacer image imagePerpetual Project
spacer image imageProject List Icons
spacer image imageSuspend a Project
spacer image imageDelete a Project
spacer image imageCanceling a Project
spacer image imageOverview of Project Templates
spacer image imageProject Template Screen
spacer image imageCreate New Project Template
spacer image imageModify Existing Template
spacer image imageView Template Details
spacer image imageCopy Existing Template
spacer image imageCopy as Shared
spacer image imageImporting or Exporting a Project Template
spacer image imageNew Template Folder
spacer image imagePersonal Assistant
spacer image imageProject Reports
spacer image imageActive Tasks Report
spacer image imageCreated Projects Report
spacer image imageEstimated Hours by Resource Type Report
spacer image imageGeneral Project Information Report
spacer image imageProject Detail Report
spacer image imageGeneral Information Tab
spacer image imageBudget Information
spacer image imageInsert Token
spacer image imageLink Token
spacer image imageProgress/Notes Screen
spacer image imageOffice-Wide Group
spacer image imageTray Icons
spacer image imageResolving a Critical Error
spacer image imageWeb Based Experience
spacer image imageSystem Requirements
spacer image imageInstalling
spacer image imageUninstalling
spacer image imageCreating a Password
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imageGlossary of Terms

Getting Started

WorkflowManager can be broken into three main pieces, working with tasks, working with projects, and creating project templates. Tasks are common to all three areas. To access and navigate between the different areas click on the "Inbox" tab, the "Group Inbox" tab, and the "Projects" tab.

The level at which a member of your workforce is involved with WorkflowManager is determined by the individual's level in the workforce (job description) and by the padlock permissions established by your Administrator.

Field specific context sensitive help is available throughout WorkflowManager. It provides information about the input and viewing screens, and their components while you work. The Contents and Index Help of the User's Guide provides an organized method of learning how to use WorkflowManager.

Refer to the Glossary of Terms to learn terms that are associated with or unique to WorkflowManager.

Working with tasks
For those individuals that view and handle workflow tasks, most of their time will be spent in the digital Inbox and Group Inbox screens. While we suggest reading the User's Guide Chapter on Tasks, the following topics will provide guidance in getting started.
  • Overview of Tasks
  • Inbox
  • Group Inbox
  • Claim a Task
  • Task Status
  • View Task Details
  • Update Status/Transfer Task

Working with projects
For those individuals that create workflow projects, their main interaction will be in the Start Project and Projects List screens. While we suggest reading the User's Guide Chapter on Projects, the following topics will provide guidance in getting started.
  • Overview of Projects
  • Projects Screen
  • Start Project Screen
  • Start a Project
  • View Project Details
  • Related Items Screen
  • Overview of Padlock Permissions

Working with project templates
For those individuals that create workflow project templates, their main interaction will be in the Project Template screen. While we suggest reading the User's Guide Chapter on Project Templates, the following topics will provide guidance in getting started.
  • Overview of Project Templates
  • Project Template Screen
  • Create New Project Template
  • View Template Details
  • Tutorial for Creating a Project Template

Project and task actions
Project and task "actions" are an integral part of working with tasks, projects, and project templates. While we suggest reading the User's Guide Chapter on Selecting and Scheduling Actions, the following topics will provide guidance in getting started.
  • Action Scheduler Screen
  • Action Selector Screen