Client Portals Users Guide

Introduction - PortalsXpress

PortalsXpress improves the efficiency of your organization and allows you to better serve your clients. With PortalsXpress, you eliminate the need to purchase several disparate applications.

  • Share files securely regardless of location
  • Share documents using powerful sharing tools that eliminate document revision control problems
  • Check-out documents for offline editing
  • Index documents for fast search
  • Image documents to reduce storage space and costs
  • Send secure instant messages to team members
  • Manage team whereabouts using an electronic in/out board
  • Manage and share contact lists across the organization
  • Manage and share documents by contacts
  • Utilize powerful client relationship management solutions
  • Exchange documents securely with contacts using private websites
  • Automate recurring workflow processes
  • Send personalized emails
  • Monitor task assignments
  • Manage team projects
  • Much more