Getting Started Users Guide

Introduction - Welcome to GettingStarted

The Getting Started skillset gets you up & running with PortalsXpress. Using the Getting Started tab, you can quickly create client portals for your clients and start sharing files with them right away!

Sections of Getting Started

The Getting Started skillset tab is organized in several sections. Each section begins with a boldfaced label.

  • "Open a recent digital file" section
    This section lists the clients whose digital files you've most recently opened. Clicking on a client's name opens their digital file.
  • "Create new digital file" section - "Add a new contact"
    Use this option to quickly setup a client's portal. You can enter more information about that client later using ContactManager. See the ContactManager Users Guide for more information.
  • "Share digital files" section
    Once you've setup your clients' portals, use this section to share files securely with them.
  • "New Feature" section - Email Blaster
    Email Blaster helps you send personalized emails to large groups of clients quickly and easily. Clicking on this option opens the "Email Blaster" wizard.
  • "Getting started" videos
    A number of training videos are available. These videos help you get started using PortalsXpress's more powerful features. To watch a video, simply click on its name. The video will then be shown using your computer's default web browser.